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Colonial Acres Mobile Home Pk in Miami


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Review №1


The administrators are just rude the Cuban lady in the office is just disrespectful and is ducking with the Cuban maintenance guy who are very rude and unfriendly.

Review №2


This is a great community for having a family, I lived here for 16 years and never once had an issue with the property or the management. Nora(at the front desk) has always been courteous and responsive when asked questions and is extremely knowledgeable about costs and fees (if you have them). As far as the neighbors, there have recently been a few bad eggs move in but those in violation are dealt with quickly by the awesome management team.

Review №3


This mobile home park is a good place to live if u mind your own business pay your rent on time. it gated has a pool , but it very close to liberty city. majority of residents are hispanics and i personally think its a stepping stone. its much better than a lot of other mobile home parks where there are not organized. this place is organized has a laundry room not the best but better than nothing. the problem is that people dont want to follow he rules thats what they complain . its better to pay here than go to an efficiency and pay the same

Review №4


I have been a resident of this place for over 5 years. It is a place where one can come to live but there are factions, gangs, thieves and poor security. Do not come here. Example the rear security fence was recently replaced, it is a beauty from a far, but on close inspection you will find that any grown person can easily slip under the bottom wire. People come and go as if the fence was not even there. Known criminals are allowed to return here. Example: the boy who was breaking everybodys car window to steal the car radio, was eventually caught (no help from the office) was released. He is now back here in Colonial Acres exercising his talent once more. I can go on and on about this place but it is not worth my time.

Review №5


Security here is a joke. they got a Cuban security guy that only secures his own trailer. He has towed people cars for fun but not his own friends. bad attitude and possibly a child molestor becouse he always fallows school girls and ive seen him taking them pictures from behind too. The community Administrator is a thief! give her $1000 and you buy and get what you need. She steals from the office money with fake work done she puts on the monthly services from the community.By the way she hustle inmigrants to give her money ore she would tell immigration. Ive been here for 2 years and the people here are awesome is just the administration that is corrupted and unprofessional staff thats giving this place a bad reputation. By the way they make you pay $30 a month for additional people at your own home, if you miss a payment the administrator lady will hustle you for money like crazy she would tell the security cuban boyfriend to tow your car and to be harassing your home .

Review №6


This is such a nice place to live everyone here is very nice especially the people from the office such as Nora they are very concerning about if you have a problem they try to help you out in over all its a very peaceful place to live .

Review №7


Wow do you guys really argue with each other on your google review? That does not seem too professional for the park owner and park manager to be going back and forth with tenants on your reviews..

Review №8


This is a good place to leave .I live the here for 15 years Is quait .Nora is a goodLeady in the front desk any.problem she always be for us to help came I inveted you came to see the is mobile park home and see Is a very nice place.for.leave

Review №9


This was a nice place until they sell it now its a night mare this people from the office are the worse no security guard any more gates totally open pool open even at midnight this is a messy place and they raised the rent for 50 buck for what reason ? Not one knows

Review №10


This is nice place to raise a family i live here for 14 years and. Nora she work at the affice she is very nice and helpful

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