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13 Reviews for Florida Commercial Group 2023:

Review №1


I have been dealing with Tina and the team at Florida Commercial Group for the last 12 years. In fact, they have helped a group of us buy, hold and then recently sell about 30 houses in the Tampa Bay area during this period.They have been the only team that consistently lived up to their promises. When we first purchased the properties, I thought it was wise to have 3 different property managers manage 1/3 of them each to manage risk.Over the next 4 years I was let down by all the property managers except for Florida Commercial Group, who have consistently and reliably managed all of our properties for the remaining 8 years.They are honest and hardworking people, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable property manager in Tampa.I am happy for you to reach out to me directly if you would like any more detailed information.

Review №2


I am a Realtor here at Florida Commercial Group. We Buy, Sell, Lease & Property Management for Commercial & Residential.

Review №3


Everyone who works at Florida Commercial Group are incredible and this is the most successful commercial Real Estate company in Ybor and beyond. Anyone who made a bad review is not their customer, they are renters. If you need to sell or purchase property or rent your current property, this is the only company you want representing you.

Review №4


Very unprofessional company. Horrible properties and the landlords are slumlords. If they ever actually come and do work they say they are going to do they will leave a huge mess for you to clean up. Trash, wood pieces, ladders, tables, and parts of all sorts. The work they do perform is horrible and very unprofessional. All sorts of people will be in your house. The workers dont wear mask or gloves to protect against covid. Even girlfriends will accompany the workers which is extremely unprofessional. Please if your looking to rent please please run from these people and go somewhere else.

Review №5


I HATE writing bad reviews because I have a business myself and always try to support other businesses. So you have to imagine how bad it had to be for me to write this review. The staff is just extremely unprofessional and I 100% believe they are scamming people out of their money. They charged me a $75 application fee for a background check which they never conducted and I never heard back from them after paying. Its probably my fault for being too eager to get an office to overlook the unreasonably high fee. Most offices only charge $30 because realistically that is how much it costs to check backgrounds.I should have known it was a scam when I had to deal with a little troll of a woman at their office. Not only did the woman actually LOOK like a little troll, she also behaved like one! Throughout our interaction she was sarcastic, condescending, and snappy. If you were a fly on a wall you couldnt imagine that I was the client from the way she behaved. During one specific incident I had to use the bathroom so I asked her politely if they had a bathroom and if I could use it. She ignored me the first time and so I asked again. She ignored me then too and by the third time I asked she snapped and told me I had to finish signing first! I was so shocked at the unprofessionalism that I almost walked out. These were all blatant signs of bad business. I wish I could have used better judgement but I was so blinded by my excitement for the office that I kept going.Before leaving I asked how long it would take before I would hear back about the decision, they told that it would take anywhere from 24 - 72 hours maximum before I heard back and if all was well I would be able to move in by June 1st.Fast forward 1 week. It was June 1st. No word back, I tried to imagine that they might have been busy so I decide to wait until they contacted me.About 2 weeks later I still had heard no word from them so I decided to proceed with my office search. I found an office, was background checked and moved in within two days and for $30 (because real businesses dont take very long). Being that it was already past the 72 hour max time they said they would reach back, I decided to contact them via email and request a refund for the $75 application fee. Soon after I did that I got a call from some woman named Tina (or ebony, she stated different names each time she called) who sounded like she was straight out of the hood. Tina sounded like the same young woman from the office who told me that it would take 72 hours max to hear back. Tina could not understand why I wanted a refund after waiting 2 weeks to hear back about something she said would take 3 days. Tina told me there would be no refunds because what she had actually meant to say when I first filled out the application was that it might take up to 10 days to hear back about the application. Before it was 3 days now the story was changed to 10 days. Tina told me that she had only just received my background check yesterday, even though yesterday when I emailed her at 6:05pm she said she had not yet received it. Does any of this sound legitimate and professional to you?I never saw the background check or hear anything about it.They blatantly refused to give me a refund. I am not super upset about $75 because there is more where it came from but I am very upset about the blatant disrespect and scamming. I wanted to share this story to prevent anyone else losing their money to a scam.

Review №6


Tina is very knowledgeable and highly recommended! Florida Commercial Group is one of the best commercial real estate firms in the country!!! They are the go to company for commercial property management!

Review №7


Rented from them for years and they always go above and beyond for me and my business, wouldn’t think about renting from the “other” landlords in ybor, definitely the best around

Review №8


Everyone at Florida Commercial Group are extremely kind and professional and are there to make sure you are taken care of. I wouldnt use anybody else.

Review №9


One of the worst rental agencies I ever seen. Very poor service. Sent multiple emails and no one responds called over 10 times no one answers. Had to go to office for me to tell about my issues which they didn’t seem to care much. I am so disappointed with service

Review №10


The well-organized and professional realtor/rental agency.... you can trust them... they work hard to make sure that their clients are happy ...honest and hard-working people here.