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Phone: +1 850-942-2980
Site: http://www.lauerrealestategroup....
Opening hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Friday:9:30AM–2PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.3

137 Reviews for Lauer Real Estate Group 2023:

Review №1


Ive been renting form Lauer Real Estate Group since 2018. They have been the absolute best since Ive moved in. Never had an issue what so ever. They are so understanding, compassionate to their tenants needs etc. Whenever I have a maintenance request they are quick to respond. I recently applied for rental assistance from a third party program to help me catch back up with a few things after being off from work for maternity leave and other things. They didnt hesitate to work with them to get the assistance I needed. Which is truly a blessing. If you are looking for a place to rent I recommend Lauer Real Estate Group, my experience with them has been outstanding.

Review №2


Hailee is my angel!!!! I’ve had issues with bills and needed extra time, I panicked at first but Hailee kept me calm and stress free so I could get caught back up. I have only had to put a request for maintenance twice so far but each time they fixed the issue within a few hours. I’ve never seen a place that actually cares about their tenants the way Lauer Real Estate Group cares for theirs. It’s comforting knowing that you can count on them for so many things. I highly recommend them!!! Hailee is a sweetheart and will move mountains for you, I love it here :)

Review №3


Rented a property on a high road for three years. Lauer was extremely responsive anytime we needed maintenance or other support. Specifically, Haley was great to work with. Actually Looking for a rental to complete my graduate program at FSU and hope we will again have the opportunity to deal with her and the other fine folks at Lauer Realty.

Review №4


Hailee is an amazing manager very little info and she understands and meets the needs of everyone in my community. She is an all star responsive quick fast thinker and gets things right away. One of the best landlords Ive ever had... She amazing cudos if you read this...

Review №5


I am grateful for my experience with Lauer Real Estate Group. My rent it reasonable and the take care of maintenace issues in a timly manner. I perfer to work with the ladies of the company personally. Hailey is always so sweet and pleasant to work with. I would definitly recommend this company to friends and family!

Review №6


I wish I could do negative stars for this crime syndicate they run under the name Lauer. Mold runs rampant through a majority of the properties they own, ask them when the vents were last cleaned and if you could get proof of that. Once the inevitable happens, and your non-maintained property succumbs to water damage, mold, or electrical problems, you will have to deal with the appointed crime boss Hailee. She makes sure to be as confrontational as possible on all occasions, while making sure you get left with little to no options as she slowly conveys info between you and the actual owner of the property. It is a barbaric system. Please, if you tour a Lauer property buy a 10$ mold test from Home Depot and hold it up to the vent, you will be disappointed and disgusted.

Review №7


They have been my property manager for a year. I have 24 apartments in Tallahassee. Hailee and Mckenna are great to work with. They are very helpful and easy to communicate with. I get my rental income within the same month which is not easy to do with that many units. Repairs get done as quickly as the tenants allow. Their screening process is very good. Ive had almost no delinquent tenants. Which is rare during the pandemic and various lock downs. I like the management software they use. Its very easy for me to access documents from previous months.

Review №8


Hello Reader, for 13 years I’ve lived at Whispering Pines a property that Lauer Real Estate has managed for less than a year. I have noticed how much care they’ve taken to our community and love how quickly they return calls and handle issues. So far there isn’t a problem that they can’t solve and they’ve recently been very understanding when it’s come to my late rent fees. As Covid has taken its toll on all of us. It’s refreshing to see a company that is still about the little people.

Review №9


As a renter/tenant for ten years I have had experience with several property management companies in the Tallahassee area but Lauer Real Estate Group has been THE best experience by far! Their team is professional, responsive, and makes you feel like family! They are diligent, efficient, and reliable. I recommend this real estate group 100% whether you are looking to invest, rent, or own! They truly make everything simple and stress-free.

Review №10


I did a lot of research when trying to find a house in tallahassee that also had a good management company involved, and so far I think Lauers has been the best. The house Im renting had a few issues when I moved in but Hailee and the team have been very responsive with maintenance requests and getting things resolved quickly. Excellent experience so far!