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Marisol Vista Apartment Homes in Saint Petersburg

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Total reviews rating 3.1

199 Reviews for Marisol Vista Apartment Homes 2023:

Review №1


Seeing such a great improvement since the old staff in the office is gone. The new team is very friendly, professional and eager to make positive changes. They definitely know what they are doing. The leasing girls are super nice. My roach problem has pretty much disappeared and noticed that the machines in the laundry room are working again. Glad to see there is management that cares now. Wish other residents would give them a break as they are fixing past staff issues and are basically the clean up crew dealing with things they were unaware of.

Review №2


I am in the customer service business and understand that needs can’t always be met right away. I have been told twice this week that I would receive an update on the termite issue that is preventing me from using my only bathroom sink. It is my birthday on Tuesday and I’ve had to relocate my party and cancel plans with overnight guests as a result. To this point I still have no idea when it will be addressed.Last year I moved in on my actual birthday and there was a roach problem due to an unrepaired area of drywall that was not addressed before my move in. We found caulk guns and tools stashed out of site so I know it was not a surprise. I had to call my own pest control company due to the delays in response and was not able to stay there for the first few weeks. Not great when you have a work at home job.Communication is key, especially when you only have 1 bathroom that cannot be used. I will be following up with whatever agencies I can find to assist me with getting this resolved. I was promised a call back earlier today that never came. I’m hoping that this will be an impetus to do better for those that spend their hard earned money on rent.

Review №3


Would NOT recommend anyone to live here. My lease ends in October and I am counting down the days. I move into Marisol in 2018 and management has changed about 4 times. Nothing is transferred over so anything you are currently dealing with in that moment will be erased.I have lived in 3 different units and transferred because of bug infestation, severe flooding, mold and mildew, walls and floor boards rotting, trash in hallways, terrible neighbors, filth and termites, drawers cabinets and doors falling apart and a lot more.The laundry units never work and are moldy and covered in animal hair. The gym is infested with ants. The pools are actually pretty nice. Maintenance has taken care of my needs and the team of guys are pretty cool. Front office does not answer calls at any point of business hours, nor do they reply to emails. There’s over 500 units and only 3-4 people working so I’m sure they’re flooded.I’m now living on a first floor unit and the neighbors above me have 4-5 kids (it’s impossible to buy a home right now) and the noise is constant all day and night. Banging, stomping, screaming, tantrums, mom yelling, dog barking at all times - and I’ve made multiple complaints about the noise control and management has yet to do anything. I’ve spoken on the phone with them 3 times now about the issue. You basically have to call 4,000 times to get a response.Spend a little more in rent, and look the other way. This place is terrible.

Review №4


Update: changing to one star since they lied about coming to spray apartment. They never came to spray and sent out an email saying they did. Liars. They made us clear everything out and stay home with our dog only to never show up. Worst apartments ever.Roach infested. We received a notice on our door recently giving us 5 days to clean out all of our kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets due to extreme roach infestation and for pest control to come spray. Nothing can be placed on the countertops, and everything must be cleaned out. If we can’t put things on the countertops then where do we put everything? The floor? On top of that, they only gave us a 5 day notice to clear everything out AND make arrangements for our pet. They threatened us a $250 fee if we didn’t do what they were asked.So we cleaned our all of our cabinets. I stayed up late and made sure it was done. I made arrangements with my work and stayed home the day the office said they would be at my building to spray. THEY NEVER CAME. We left everything out of our cabinets the next day, and no one came again. If we get charged $250, we will be fighting it. We did what was requested and stayed home to accompany our dog, we cannot do it anymore.Two stars is for location and the landscape at apartments. Apartments itself are old and falling apart. Our floor started to cave in where they had to rip up the old floor and pour cement on top to fix. We’ve had rats in our apartment and will post the photos if this isn’t resolved soon. No one likes to answer the office phone or respond back to emails so hopefully they will see this review.

Review №5


Once I got settled in and used to the area I would say it is a pretty good place overall for the cost of apartments in FL. My biggest complaint is the screen porch only has the front and 1 side open, so no breezeway. And it faces south so it is 100% unusable for 9 months of the year. The closet doors should be replaced with normal doors instead of the metal folding ones. If you get lucky enough get an apartment near one of the 2 pools in front, as they are WAY nicer, especially the one behind the exercise room building area. But overall very clean and quiet complex and a real good maintenance crew and staff. Im about to start my 2nd year.

Review №6


No Customer service. The office staff had no idea what is going on. I have lived in many places while being Active Duty for 20 years. This place is by far the worst I have ever lived in and I have been in some really shady areas. I know I have talked to a few people that were thinking of moving in here and was able to shine the light on things that they wont share. so before moving in to the complex make sure you talk to actual people that live there not the staff. Because they have no idea what is going on. I would have put 0 stars but I have to put at least one to post.

Review №7


Don’t live here. I’ve had so many issues with this place. Management is awful. I’ve lived here a year and seen multiple management come through, with no one better than the rest. My car was towed even though I’m a RESIDENT!!! Marisol Vista did nothing about it!! Not to mention the laundry being out of service for multiple weeks, leaking water from my pipes, leaking water from the window, trash everywhere, thin walls, no parking at night, and so many other issues. If I could have given negative or no stars I would have.

Review №8


I understand that this place is trying to become a nice place to live, but I feel their going to the wrong way about it. There’s not enough parking spots, so the office made everyone go to the office to get a sticker to put inside your dash and all visitors have to park in visitor parking. I understand that, however, there is no where near enough visitor parking, at all. There’s not one visitor parking spot in front of my building or on the side. There’s about 4 visitor parking spots all the way in the back 2 buildings behind me and they are always full. If you’re threatening to tow people for not parking in visitor parking, you need to make more spaces. It is not fair when we pay to live here and can’t even have guests over because there’s not enough parking spots and my guests feel scared that their cars will be towed.Also maintenance is super slow to respond to requests. My dishwasher has been broken for months now with no resolution.

Review №9


Don’t move here. It’s infested with German roaches. Attached is a picture of a peel and stick under cabinet light that fell off (probably from all the roaches crawling under it). It doesn’t matter how clean you are. I’m actually editing my review 6+ months after leaving the apartment because Marisol Vista continues to haunt me. Although my boyfriend and I checked and cleaned EVERYTHING before moving due to the fear that the roaches would come with us, we still managed to move the German roaches to our new home. I’m completely devastated.When I lived here I was uneasy going into the kitchen, to open a drawer, to take a bath. Half the time there would be roaches. I never felt comfortable in the place that should have been my home. I felt too embarrassed to have people over because maybe they would think I’m dirty and that’s what caused the roaches.If you move here, your problems might not end once you move out. Don’t risk it.I understand the appeal of the apartment and that’s why I moved there. The cheap rent for the area, updated appearance of the apartments, new gym, nice front desk staff, pretty landscaping and ponds were some of the positives BUT it’s possible to have all these things and it still be an awful place to live. It’s all stuff you see at a quick glance during a tour, but the reality is living here was horrible.Other issues:- Laundry machines not working- Washing machines smell like wet dog and are coated in fur-AC was out for TWO months. After a few weeks they gave us a portable AC unit. My boyfriend had to go in person several times before they fixed the AC-Even though they give you key fobs, the pools, gym, and laundry facilities are unlocked and opened for anyone to use. I saw homeless people using the pool and hanging out in the laundry room.-Valet trash adds to pest issues. People would leave trash bags in hallways without bins. Sometimes they leak and smell.-Most of the apartments in the complex had issues where the windows were leaking water. It created issues with mold and mildew.-Surface mold in the hallways to the apartments.Don’t move here, you will be living with hundreds of roaches.

Review №10


Disgusting place to live. Stay away! Infested with roaches, rats, and termites. No place for visitors to park and you have to worry about anybody visiting getting towed if they dont hit the jackpot by getting one of the very few visitor spots left. The visitor spots are always full with the same cars. they should not allow people to camp in the visitor spots and then the rest of us have to worry about being towed.