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3.9 (82 comments)

Review №1


I recently have the opportunity to work with Aisy Strait. She is certainly one of the best property managers I have worked with. She responds quickly to my questions and understands the situations. She’s agile, knowledgeable, and proactive. She makes decisions for your best interest and communicates well. Things could get busy and hectic when you manage a lot of properties but she is certainly on top of things. I wish I knew her a long time ago. Definitely an asset to Marshall Reddick.

Review №2


We met Terry Duffy over the phone on a Saturday night not long before Christmas. She is east coast, and we are west coast but that did not slow her down one bit in terms of being responsive to us and our questions. Our purchase was completed in what we found to be an amazingly short amount of time. She is professional, responsive, capable, and knowledgeable. No hesitations here in giving our full recommendation for Terry if you have real estate needs in Southwest Florida!

Review №3


I had a great experience today (2/13/2022) working with Essy (Tenant Coordinator) on finalizing the paperwork for the rental house we recently applied for through Marshall Reddick. Essy never ceased to display some top-notch customer service and high level of professionalism during my visit. Its easy to tell shes one of the best in the business and a great asset to Marshall Reddick.JD

Review №4


Terry Duffy helped me 5 years ago to purchase my first out-of-state investment property in Cape Coral, she is definitely a local expert. And she helped me again this year to sell it, more than doubled my initial investments. Its really a great experience working with Terry.

Review №5


I purchased a property they already managed without revealing one of the tenants was in default. They have dropped the ball over the last 7 months and are just now getting to the eviction. They do not communicate at all and I am constantly paying for random things. This has almost been more effort than worth***Update - the owner contacted me and we talked through everything. They have fixed all the problems and are working to improve service. I am willing to ride it out to see if it gets better so I changed my 1 to a 3 star since he took the time and effort to try and rectify the situation.

Review №6


Renters are victims. Marshall Reddick will take your application and fees while they have already selected a renter for the property that you are applying for. They have very dishonest and unethical practices.Do not fall victim to this company.There are many of us that had to find out the hard way. I would like anyone else to be sheltered from this headache.

Review №7


My experience is with Greg and Aisy, and I have to say, both are professional and great representatives for the company. I am what you would consider a high needs landlord, I hired a property manager, but still very connected and close to the properties and their proformance. Im always calling with questions, concerns, comments and what ever else I feel is important to discuss about the assets. Not once have I felt rushed or blown of. Always answering, always accommodating and always willing to do what it takes to make the client happy, which I can tell you is not easy. Im glad I made the choice to switch to them and that they have more of a team approach to things rather than one person handling several properties singlehandedly and becoming overwhelmed.Over all, Im happy with Marshall Reddick and continue to work with them based upon the proformance of these two team members.Thanks guys!!

Review №8


Aisy Strait has been helping me on the property management team and I couldn’t be more impressed. I brought her a nightmare scenario property with a botched lease back and she took it on in stride. Throughout the process she kept me well informed and was always looking out for me. An absolute rockstar!

Review №9


Horrible management company! I was a great tenant, always paid on time, kept the house in same condition l got it, never complained and they dont want to return my deposit. Charging me All different nonsense charges. I took videos and pics of how I left it so Ill be going to court to get my money. Ive seen many old tenants saying its a common practice of them. Shame. Taking peoples money like that.

Review №10


Will approve multiple renters for a space at the same time. Then whoever submits the deposit gets the place first. They wont even tell you that ahead of time. So your odds of actually getting the place are low unless you are applying the same day the property is posted, watching your email like crazy, and can be ready to pay the deposit in a moments notice. They do not return application fees. Probably dodged a bullet.

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