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Osprey Pointe Apartment Homes in Saint Petersburg

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Phone: +1 727-864-1513
Site: https://www.liveospreypointe.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–5PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.8

198 Reviews for Osprey Pointe Apartment Homes 2023:

Review №1


I lived here for one year. Although the reviews aren’t great, I have nothing too bad to say about the complex. You can’t beat their price. I always felt safe and everyone is very kind. List of pros: Management is very friendly and always willing to work with you. (Just go in person or email. Calling isn’t always the answer ) Huge dog park and Publix right around the corner. 2bed/1bath for a great price. New mailbox’s, they’re renovating the playing court, nice pool, lots of grass( regularly mowed and maintained), near downtown + the beach, and our apartment itself felt like home, no issues. Only cons would be for one the towing. That’s with all complexes though, just keep up to date on your parking tags. Second would be cleanliness, stair wells would get dirty.. but it seemed as when our lease ended, all stair wells were pressure washed and cleaned thoroughly. Third would be the advertised fitness center:( Hopefully with the new management that will be back in play, but during my time at Osprey it was a locked room with some leaves. An apartment is only as good as it’s community. Communicate with the staff and make friends with your neighbors! 4 stars/ 5

Review №2


Wish I could give zero stars. Just moved out because my apartment kept flooding and there was mold everywhere, management was slow to respond seriously to anything. Let alone actually do anything about the problem. Maintain there sucks, slow to respond to any issue you have then will set a day to come with you.... and not show up. My friends also currently live there and are planning to leave asap.They keep raising rent to WAY more than this place is worth.DONT LIVE HERE. seriously worst experience renting ever.

Review №3


This place is a no go.. They use predatory towing on their own residents! Even If you have a flat tire they tow you. Junk cars is one thing. How about fixing the apartments In here? There are leaks, pests, strong odors, but nooo lets charge extra fines and tow our own residents vehicles! The new owners have really been making a name for themselves.

Review №4


This place is okay for the $900 rent. Buts its the worst apartment i have been in. Now they are raising it up to 1200-1300 and its not worth that. I thought about leaving this place a couple months in but i didnt have money to break the lease. I had my power go out everyday and i kept asking them to fix it and after 2 months of dealing, it was finally resolved. I still have leaking ceilings and just things falling apart here. The whole laundry facility is broken so i have to do laundry 5 min away. They arent fixing it. Now the mail boxes arent available so i have to get my mail at the post office. They never pick up the phone and walls are so thin here that anytime someone walks upstairs it squeaks soo loud. They have been hammering and renovating upstairs at 8am and havent got good sleep for weeks due to that. Trust me its not worth the hassle and the amount they are raising this place. Find something else

Review №5


Smoke detectors been out for 7 months went to rent office multiple time about this the rat and roach problems I been having. You can hear rats eating inside of wall at night even during the day sometimes it’s crazy and roaches coming from I don’t know but my house is very clean but they still coming ask next door neighbor if she was having problems and 💥 same exact problems this place needs to be shut down immediately. It’s not safe to live here

Review №6


This is an ok place, if you keep to yourself. They pay more attention to fixing up the place than your maintenance orders. Also, its a hassle to pay your monthly rent when they keep adding on fees or website problems. They water the grass everyday no matter the weather. I believe the staff is not very helpful when having a issue, they all just shift the blame on the next being inexperienced at their position. The trash is normally as ways over flooring. Once there was a problem with the broken pipes which caused everyone to use one lane when entering and exiting back just before mothers day and it wasnt repaired until October. Ventilation systems are connected to your neighbors so if they smoke marijuana you indeed will smell it quite strongly. They are very cheaply put together as far as parts inside.

Review №7


I went 3 days with no water in my unit almost 2 months ago I keep contacting the office to let them know to remove some money off my rent and was told it would be. I Just received my bill and nothing has been removed. Ive sent a text, email, message through website and physically went to office. Ive also tried calling but the phone is never answered.

Review №8


Ive lived here since 2018 and it gets worse and worse every year. If I could, I wouldve moved out a long time ago. We only have ONE laundry facility on site and the washers/dryers are NEVER IN WORKING ORDER. 1 out of 16 dryers and 3 out of 16 washers is unacceptable. A maintenance team too short staffed to get anything accomplished. And when they do finally show up, problems are patched at best and botched at worst. I have an annual leaking problem that leaves my hallway completely flooded. My upstairs neighbor cant run their dishwasher or else my walls will cry and a waterfall comes out through the lights in my kitchen. My favorite thing is the Leasing Managers leaving passive aggressive notices about bettering our community. The worst one, advising parents to teach their children not to drag trash bags across the parking lot (to our ONLY dumpster in a complex with 100+ units) so they dont have to clean up after their tenants. And, good luck trying to address concerns with the new owners. Wellers Management makes it nearly impossible to contact them and if you do, you get no answer. Long story short, dont move here. Its not worth the $975 a month.

Review №9


New owners took over and removed the ability to pay rent online. I work 60+ hours a week so I cant make it to the office and theyre closed on Saturdays. They never answer the phone unless you call 20 times back to back. Also they do the lawn work early morning on the weekends so thats a nice alarm clock.I hope to see improvements soon

Review №10


As of June 22nd, 2021 management changed. I have to say it was for the better. The new management team is spectacular they actually care about resolving issues and making this apartment complex a better place. This won’t just be an apartment it will be a home. I spoke with the regional manager and she was super pleasant and was eager to resolve my issues. All the office staff was welcoming. They are very good at communicating and getting back in touch with you. They reassured me good changes are coming!I had a major plumbing issue June 16th, 2021 to where the carpets got ruined. The last management team didn’t care and just passed the buck. They knew it was their last week so they just gave up. They let the property go. They use to pressure wash breeze ways, keep up on landscape and make sure the property was clean. BH management would never get back to you and would lie about stupid stuff. They dropped the ball.Thank you Weller Management for taking over!